What are your housing options?

We provide all manner of housing on a short-term basis. This includes single-family homes, townhouses, apartments, mobile homes, furnished corporate suites, and hotel rooms. All housing will be furnished to suit the needs of a family. We focus on securing the most appropriate property for a family.

How soon can my insured be placed in housing?

We make it our goal to contact the policyholder within an hour of your request. We locate properties within 24 hours and arrange for viewing by the insured at the very earliest opportunity. While we are arranging suitable temporary housing, we can arrange for direct billing of hotel charges for room and taxes. Upon approval of one of our properties by you and your insured, we set a move-in date.

How does your housing process work?

Once we’ve been contacted with your housing request, we reach out to contact your insured. We locate appropriate housing, negotiate with our suppliers, collect approvals on the rate, coordinate property showings and paperwork, and arrange for a move-in date. We then attend to any additional furniture, housewares, or utility needs.

How do I submit a housing request?

You can simply go to the top right corner of our website and fill out our “Request for Housing” form or call us at (617) 470-0117.

How are security deposits handled?

To expedite the housing process, manage costs, and ensure a policyholder takes proper care of the property, we prefer that deposits be advanced from contents or other appropriate coverage.

How does your billing work?

We bill upfront for the duration of the stay.  Any lease extension will be billed as incurred. Security deposit, if any, will be listed separately and the invoice will list any additional charges as line items each month.

What paperwork does my policyholder sign?

Your policyholder will need to sign a residential lease as presented by the property owner. The policyholder will also be expected to sign a housing agreement with Rice Corporate Services confirming s/he understands each party’s responsibilities and that s/he agrees to accept the property we are providing. This agreement further authorizes all housing-related insurance payments to be paid directly to Rice Corporate Services.

Are pets welcome?

A policyholder need not worry! We frequently accommodate domestic pets in our temporary housing placements.  Typically, property owners charge a “pet fee” in the form of a non-refundable deposit.

Do I have to commit to a specific length of stay?

Try not to significantly underestimate the length of stay needed. Accurately estimating the length of stay required goes a long way in helping to control costs. Property owners become more receptive to short-term rentals and prices tend to decrease with longer lease commitments.  This is preferable from a cost standpoint to asking for lease extensions on a month-to-month basis.